Welcome to Timberworks Housewrights...and farewell!

Thank you for visiting my website. After more than 30 years I have decided to close down my business and pursue other interests.

Partly due to the current state of the economy, partly to my physical limitations as I grow older, and partly to what I see as the direction of this country, I reach this difficult decision.

It appears that, for the most part, craftsmanship and quality construction no longer remain of value in this land. Most folks in these days seem to think that designing & constructing a HOME is the same thing as building a HOUSE. I fear for the future of this generation where ones abode is reduced to a commodity.

I do wish to thank the many wonderful clients we have worked with over the last three decades. You may be a dying breed, one that can see the difference between a sterile box and a handcrafted home. You have been a pleasure to work with, together, crafting your home. My friends, you have my undying gratitude for the trust you displayed in our efforts. Thank you!

I may continue to make comments or updates here. If you would like to contact me I will insert an E-mail link below.

Best regards,
Mitch V. Rowland

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